Idea #21: Aura Que

Aura Que ethically handmade bags and accessories are packed full of goodness. Each individually hand-crafted bag is created using the best natural materials and fibres Nepal has to offer. Every Aura Que bag has its own unique story to tell, inspiring and uplifting, which only adds to its charm!

What’s the idea: Stylish, contemporary and ethically made accessories from Aura Que
Who for: With a range of mens’ and ladies’ accessories these are practical yet stylish for anyone and everyone
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TIG’s review
Laura Queening, the designer and creator of Aura Que graduated from Cordwainers at the London College of Fashion in 2007. In 2008, UK designer Laura Queening wanted to combine her love of Asia, seeing new cultures and people, and her creative skills by starting her own brand Aura Que. Laura began working directly with producers developing new patterns and ideas as well as organising production runs in Nepal.

All Aura Que materials are sourced in Nepal and each design is brought to life in a Nepalese factory that employs local people, some affected by disabilities, providing an income for themselves and their families according to fair trade principles. Laura only works with manufacturers who are members of IFAT, the International Fair Trade Association, which means that working environments are healthy and safe and workers receive a fair wage. Laura is also keen to encourage trade directly with small Nepalese family businesses, so she’s working hard to build long term relationships with these skilled artisans based on the principles of fair trade. Aura Que products are individually hand crafted in Nepal and the unique story behind each Aura Que product enhances its appeal.

Aura Que incorporates local Nepalese materials wherever possible, such as hand-knitted banana yarn, allo hemp, handmade brass fittings, hand-woven cloth and high quality buffalo leather – a by-product of the Nepalese food industry.


I am a huge fan of Aura Que and have a wardrobe full of quality handbags and accessories from Aura Que. The scarf I am wearing in the photo above is made from 100% Bamboo, knitted in Kathmandu into a fine thin jersey scarf. It is fantastic material, incredibly soft and light, perfect for the autumnal weather. This Aura Que bag  is usually the one I take on the plane, a fantastic size for everything you need for your travels. It has pockets in all the right places and is extremely well made – I’ve had it for about 2 years and it still looks brand new.


The Aura Que bag above has strong side panels hand-knitted from 100% natural banana yarn fibre that has been produced sustainably from the pruned excess outer layers of the Banana tree after each fruit harvest in South Nepal. This bag is made of an extremely soft Buffalo leather that is produced in South Nepal as a by-product of the Nepalese food industry. The Aura Que scarf I’m wearing is incredibly soft, made from hand-woven Yak Wool from the Mustang region of Nepal, and Raw Silk from Khopasi, which has been washed for a soft feel.

Who would have thought Yak wool, bamboo and buffalo leather would create such contemporary and stylish accessories. The great thing about Aura Que products are that they are timeless. It doesn’t matter what season it is, you can always carry an Aura Que bag on your arm and know that you’ve helped families in Nepal through buying the product.

Top tip:

  • Follow Aura Que on Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date with her latest accessories
  • I highly recommend you follow Laura’s blog – extremely engaging and really insightful

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