Idea #33: This Good Box

The ever-so-lovely people at This Good Box sent me a rather plain-looking cardboard box this week! However, I soon discovered that this was no ordinary box – it was a very ‘good’ box. So, what is a good box, I hear you ask? Well, it is a box packed full of eco-friendly goodness, with ethical and socially conscious treats that anyone would love to receive. Each month the boxes have a different theme, full of surprise items! Find out what was in my box of tricks below…

What’s the idea: A ‘This Good Box’ subscription gift
Who for: All women
Cost: One box £20, three months £48, six months £90 (includes postage)
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Where can I buy one: This Good Box website 

TIGs review
This seems like a great gift idea that is certainly unique – so when the guys at This Good Box sent me one of their boxes I was quite excited to see what goodies would be inside. It’s a bit like an adult’s version of a lucky dip – and I’ve always loved surprises!

I opened the box and inside was just a plain white bag – not the most inviting gift I’ve ever received, but as we all know, it is what’s on the inside that counts!

This Good Box

Underneath the bag was a card, that on one side said ‘Create Change’ – a reminder to channel your creativity for positive change – then on the reverse is the list of contents and the meaning behind each product.

This Good Box

This Good Box

I delved into the drawstring bag and pulled out my first gift…

  1. A felt works kit from Amica Accessories. This is a lovely little kit to make your very own flower ring. The note on the card said ‘Why not brew yourself a cup of tea and really enjoy the experience of making something? Wear your creation until you get an opportunity to pass it on and cheer someone up’.This Good Box - Flower ring kit
  2. The next gift was a Little Book of Craftivism from Craftivist Collective written by the very inspiring writer Sarah Corbett. In this book Sarah introduces some of the ideas behind her approach to craftivism, alongside how-to instructions for a selection of craftivist projects and hints and tips for beginners. On the card it states ‘Make something to display in your area and get your community talking.’
    This Good Box - Little book of craftivism
  3. Fabric pens were next out of the bag. On the card they have written ‘We’ve made this month’s bag white so you can get started straight away’. Which explains the plain white bag that at first I thought looked a little uninteresting, but now I see it as a very clever idea. It’s definitely time to get creative, to brighten up this bag!
    This Good Box - Fabric pens
  4. The next gift to emerge was certainly one of my favourites, it was the Filberts of Dorset cuticle butter. This luxurious Cuticle Butter is an intense moisturising salve rich in shea and coconut butters, Vitamin E and propolis. With delicate rose essential oil and uplifting bergamot it smells amazing! The note on the card says ‘Give a friend a manicure – spend some quality time and leave them feeling pampered’ – TIG’s mum will certainly be looking forward to that!
    This Good Box - Filberts cuticle butter
  5. Chocolate and Love came out of the bag next! I don’t think I’ve seen a more attractive chocolate bar before, with such pretty packaging – dark chocolate & orange has to be one of my favourite flavours. This chocolate bar is organic, fairly traded, and on the inside of the wrapper you can read all about the positive impact that is made through the purchase of this product.
    This Good Box - Chocolate and Love
  6. Finally, This Good Box included a sticker featuring a great quote that is highlighted in Sarah Corbett’s book. ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’
    This Good Box - quote

After speaking to the team at This Good Box I’ve found out that this months’ box was on the “Create” theme. They always keep the exact contents a surprise, however they have a different theme each month and they do promise to include the following:

  • 1 delicious snack (matched to your dietary requirements)
  • 1 natural health and beauty item
  • 1 piece of stationery 
  • 1-3 other gorgeous items such as jewellery, accessories and homeware.

‘This Good Box’ company promote positive, fair trade values and encourage plenty of creative inspiration. These boxes are a lovely gift idea with a difference, and certainly one that I would be happy to receive and give to others. Initially, I felt that the packaging could be made more attractive, but the simplicity of the plain white bag offers the receiver the opportunity to really explore their inner creativity!

This is the gift that keeps on giving – I now have a ring to create, a new bag to design, manicures to offer, and chocolate to enjoy.

This Good Box

A box full of tricks, ‘This Good Box’ makes a fabulous, unique, gift idea for any occasion, it could be a thank you, a birthday, a congratulations – a lovely surprise to make someone smile. Unfortunately, these exclusive boxes are just for women….however, I hear on the grapevine that men’s and children’s versions may be coming soon.

Top tip:

  • Follow This Good Box on Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date with their latest news
  • I highly recommend you follow their blog – a really insightful read on all that is ethical and eco-friendly

TIG’s Treat:

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Have you received a ‘This Good Box’?
What did you get in yours?
Share your experiences below…

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