Idea #29: Treasure Trails

So, you’re chief bridesmaid and you are going to a city you’ve never visited before with 8 other girls you’ve never met, and you need to come up with an idea everyone will love…no pressure then! Or are you are in need of a cheap holiday activity to occupy the kids, or you trying to organise a corporate event for the boss? There is one activity that I can assure you will entertain all of the above! Whatever the occasion, whatever the age group and whatever the weather a treasure trail is the answer!

Treasure trail

What’s the idea: A treasure trail
Who for: All ages and occasions (perfect for hen and stag parties, corporate events and kids holidays)
Cost: From the trails cost just £6.99 for a standard, or £12.99 for a personalised version (highly recommend the personalised murder mystery!)
Where can I buy a treasure hunt: There are numerous websites out there that do treasure hunts. I used Treasure Trails for my dad’s 60th which was a fantastic murder mystery trail around Hereford. Treasure Trails have over 1,000 trails so you may well have one on your doorstep.

TIG’s review
For my dad’s 60th we hired a house for 30 friends and family for a long weekend away in Hereford. I was wracking my brains for activities to do with 30 people and I came across the murder mystery treasure trails, and after much research I discovered there was one to do in Hereford! Perfect.

Treasure trail, murder mystery

I purchased the murder mystery personalised version from Treasure Trails which meant we could have 19 people from our party that were actual suspects for the murder in Hereford!

Treasure trail, murder mystery

The idea is that you then go on the trail and answer the clues to find out which friend or family member carried out the murder, and with what weapon. This was a fantastic twist to the usual treasure hunt trails and made for an exciting afternoon out.

Treasure trail, murder mysteryWe all split up into small groups and staggered our start time so we weren’t following each other. We hunted for the answers to the clues whilst taking in the fabulous scenery around Hereford. This was an easy to follow route, crossing out the suspects and the weapons one by one as we went. As we reached the last clue we found out who had committed the crime! When everyone had returned from the trail we announced who the murderer was and we presented them with a pair of chocolate handcuffs!

This was a brilliant way to discover the town and see the sights, whilst having fun discovering the clues along the way. This really is a great activity for all ages whether it’s a school trip, birthday, half term activity, corporate event or a hen party! The treasure trails really highlight the traditional values of spending time together outdoors with friends and family and appreciating areas where we live and visit. If you get stuck there is a number you can text to help with the answers, but you shouldn’t need it!

Any bad points?
There was building work going on when we were in Hereford and unfortunately, scaffolding had covered up the answer to the first clue! This can’t be helped and if this happens there is always the number to text for help!

Have you done a treasure trail before? If so, what did you think?
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