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That Ideas Girl

Hi, I am Anna, ‘ That Ideas Girl ’ (or TIG for short)!

I am from the small thriving village of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. I am a graduate of the London College of Fashion with 6 years online and offline marketing experience and this is a website I just had to create to share my unique, unusual and in some cases bizarre ideas. I am overflowing with ideas that I just can’t wait to share with you all.

This website all stems from my parents. In our family birthdays and occasions have always been celebrated in style and each year a little bit different with special gifts and surprises. From early on my mum has always come up with unusual party ideas no other parent would ever think of.

This is one trait that has definitely rubbed off on me. For any birthday, event, gift or occasion I search online high and low for hours and hours (..and hours) on end to find something unique and individual to each person..and to try and make it even more memorable than last year.

I have been asked time and time again; ‘how did you come up with that idea?’, ‘where do you find these things?, ‘why are you not a party planner?’. So, I think it’s time to pass on to the world my secrets, ideas and inspirations and how I find them. All the ideas I have shared on this site have been tried, tested and reviewed by a TIG family member or friend.

My ideas cover everything from birthdays, events, unusual gift ideas, reviews, mini breaks and much more and hopefully I can even help you with those ‘difficult to buy for’ men….because trust me the men in my life are difficult!


That Ideas Girl




The TIG family guide

TIG's mumTIG’s Mum (The instigator)
The person responsible for my birthday pressie obsession! Each year has to be different, with huge surprise after surprise every single birthday, Christmas and Easter. She is probably the chief ideas girl in the family and I have my mum to thank for my slightly obsessive ideas trait!


TIG's dadTIG’s Dad (The banker)
TIG’s dad usually gets the short straw being the finance behind all the ideas! For mum’s birthday every year I give dad a top 5 list of surprises or pressies mum might like and he picks. If it was left to him she would get a new kitchen appliance every year! You’ll find a few reviews from TIG’s dad around the site as he has been on the end of some very big surprises.

TIG's boyfriendTIG’s Boyfriend
(The outsider)
Jamie has been a part of the family for the last 10 years and coming from a family that don’t really do big birthdays and don’t really like surprises, he was in for a shock joining this family! After the treat he got for his 30th, he doesn’t mind the odd surprise now!