Idea #10: ‘Santa is coming to…’ book

Have you been good? Are you ready to go to sleep? Then Santa is coming to your town! It’s Christmas Eve. Santa’s packed up all the presents and set the Santa-nav to the destination. So what could possibly go wrong? Discover how Santa dashes all over your town while you are safely tucked up in bed and fast asleep! There are a whole range of titles written by Steve Smallman.. I am sure you will be able to find your home town, city, county or at least country in his collection! The range includes: Santa is coming to ‘Derby’, ‘Croydon’, ‘Glasgow’, ‘Huddersfield’, ‘Scotland’, Yorkshire’, ‘Kings Lynn’ and so many more.

Santa is coming to the Isle of Man

What’s the idea: A great gift for Christmas – ‘Santa is coming to…’ book.
Who for: Kids of all ages
Cost: This is an absolute bargain for a 32-page hardback at approx. £4.99
Where can I buy one: Amazon

TIG’s review

I really didn’t want to write this review until after Christmas, however, this is just one that is too good to keep to myself. The reason I didn’t want to share it is because this is one of my nephews’ Christmas presents (..I doubt very much at the age of 3 he is one of my blog fans; however, his dad might well be!). I saw this book last year and went to buy it but it was out of stock, so If you want one definitely get it now before they sell out!

These books are beautiful, fantastic quality and for less than £5 you get a 32-page hardback book that will make the kids imaginations run wild. The illustrations are incredible and each book in the range has drawings and words that are personalised to the town, city, county or country which makes them unique and so special.

To sum up
I can’t fault this book. It is a quality hardback with superb illustrations by Robert Dunn. This is an affordable book that will bring the magic of Christmas into the lives of many children. For less than £5 this makes a great gift to give to the kids on Christmas Eve. They did sell out last year so make sure you get your home town early!

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