Idea #26: Mug cake recipe book

What’s the idea: A mug cake recipe book
Who for: This is great fun for the whole family. Makes a fantastic stocking filler or as a small add-on gift
Cost: £3.99 hardback
Where can I buy one: Amazon – Mug Cakes: Ready in Five Minutes in the Microwave

TIGs review
For Christmas I received a mug cake recipe book, so this week I set a challenge to myself and all TIG fans to make a different mug cake from the book every day for a week from the book.

Mug cake recipe book

This was really great fun, I kicked Monday off with a relatively straight forward chocolate fondant mug cake. This took approximately 5 minutes to make from start to finish. You simply mix all of your ingredients together in the mug and put in the microwave. All microwaves are different so don’t always go by what the book states. For this cake I needed to put it in for an extra minute. This was one very easy delicious cake!
TIG Rating: 8/10

Monday's mug cake challenge

Tuesday’s mug cake challenge was the blueberry-ricotta mug cake. I think this was probably my favourite one from the week. Really tasty and such a great combination – this was also TIG’s mum’s tastiest of the week.
TIG Rating: 9/10

Tuesday's mug cake challenge

To beat the midweek slump, Wednesday’s mug cake of the day was salted caramel. This came up beautifully and looks pretty impressive. It was the perfect choice for a snowy day. I would accompany this one with a side of ice cream. I think it certainly needs more caramels than what the recipe says – a little dry but for 5 minutes work I can’t complain…
TIG rating: 7/10

Wednesday's mug cake challenge

Thursday was a day for something a little more challenging. The mug apple crumble. This really needed more apple than just the stated half an apple. It was extremely dry, I don’t think we’ll be making this again in a hurry.
You just can’t beat an oven baked homemade crumble.
TIG Rating: 5.5/10

Thursday's mug cake challenge

It was time for a Friday treat. This book doesn’t just have mug cakes, it has mug cookies as well! So, on Friday my challenge was a chocolate chip mug cookie. This had chocolate chips, raisins and caramel – so we were certainly in for one yummy cookie. There was quite a lot of mixture for just a small outcome but it was definitely worth it.

TIG Rating: 8/10

Friday's mug cake challenge

To sum up
This book is packed full of 32 tantalising recipes for quick and delicious cakes that require minimal time and effort. There are 5 different categories in the book; Cult mug cakes, Ultimate mug cakes, Chocolate special, Tutti frutti and Mug cookies. I would say the mug cakes I made on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday served two people with a side of ice cream. Thursday and Fridays’ came out quite small, these only serve one.

These cakes are super quick to prepare and it’s a great way to get kids cooking in the kitchen with their own personal mug cake that they can mix, make and eat. Beware of the cooking times as these do vary from microwave to microwave. Tablespoons and teaspoons also vary considerably in size so the book has a useful list of all the equivalent weights for the measures used.

This book is a really lovely gift for anyone and everyone, especially families and students. It is beautifully presented with enticing images and easy to follow recipes. They are great fun to make and you don’t have to be a bake off champion to master the art of a mug cake. All you need is five minutes to spare, a microwave, and a serious cake craving!

Here’s a montage of all the challengers’ mug shots throughout the week. I certainly have some very creative and clever TIG fans.Mug cake montage

What can I do formy next challenge?
Any ideas? Comment below…

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