Idea #3: A trike tour

So, we all know dads are difficult to buy for, so how about this for an exhilarating and hair raising idea? Let your dad be chauffeur driven on a three seater Boom trike; an amazing and thrilling machine to behold! Triking is like no other experience and a perfect way to see the stunning Yorkshire dales scenery…Ilkley trike tour

What’s the idea: A trike tour…helmet on, visors down and zoooom off into the Yorkshire Dales!
Who for: Anyone! But especially the difficult to buy for men!
Cost: The cheapest is £49+ per person for a 1 hour trike tour (based on two people sharing). They have so many different tours on offer including a 2-day trike safari and even a cream tea trike tour!
Where can I buy one:
Just visit (I’m sure there are other trike tours available across the country if you don’t live near Yorkshire. Just give it a Google!)

TIG’s dad’s review
For Father’s Day 2014 I was transported at an early hour by private taxi from Holmfirth to an unknown destination-not knowing where I was to end up.  Eventually we stopped at Ilkley Lido.  This was a surprising destination as I cannot swim! I was asked to wait patiently and listened to the singing of the birds and in the distance the Church bells were ringing.  Then, there was a loud explosion of sound drawing near to the Lido-it was the unmistakeable sound of a Boom Mustang Trike.

After getting kitted out in leathers, helmet and gloves we set out on a mind-blowing trip round the Tour de France course through Skipton and Addingham.  It was 90 minutes of pure fun and enjoyment as Jason talked to us through his own radio system.

It was a truly memorable experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a thrilling quick fire tour around the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Dales trike tourAny bad points?
This tour is almost faultless. The only part that was slightly frustrating were the microphones. I could hear the driver but I couldn’t hear dad. Dad could hear the driver, but couldn’t hear me! So, I could only communicate with dad through crazy facial expressions!

Would I do it again?
100% yes, but I think next time it will have to be the cream tea trike tour!

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Update 17/11/2014
Yorkshire Trike Tours are doing a mulled wine and mince pie one hour trike tour around the Bolton Abbey area for just £59 per person. The perfect gift idea for that someone special. Book early to avoid disappointment. Check out all the 1-2 hour tours on their website here

Author: TIG's Dad

TIG’s dad usually gets the short straw being the finance behind all the ideas! For mum’s birthday every year I give dad a top 5 list of surprises or pressies mum might like and he picks. If it was left to him she would get a new kitchen appliance every year! You’ll find a fair few reviews from TIG’s dad around the site as he has been on the end of some very big surprises!

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