Santa is on his way…

It has become a tradition in the TIG household to track Santa on Christmas Eve at (yes, I know I’m nearly 30!). This is a fantastic website for kids (and big kids too) to follow Santa’s journey delivering presents around the world.

However, this year was going to be slightly different, I had read articles online that we were actually going to be able to spot Santa in the night sky. The articles has stated we would be seeing Santa’s sleigh (the international space station) in the night sky on Christmas Eve at 5.22pm for approximately 3 minutes.

International Space Station

So, at 5.22pm we put on our hats, scarves, gloves and coats and dashed outside into the garden. We looked up at the starry sky that was so beautifully clear and magical. We all stood in anticipation, getting colder and colder and our noses looking more and more like Rudolph’s by the minute.

We were panning the sky and all of a sudden I spot Santa’s sleigh. Wow! This was incredible. I can just imagine all the children’s faces to see that Santa was really on his way.

santas sleigh in the night sky

For the next 3 minutes we observed the sleigh glide across the sky. What a magical moment to have on Christmas Eve.

Did you see Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve?

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