Idea #20: DIY scarf gift wrap

The only part of Christmas and Birthdays I really don’t like is the wrapping! It never looks right, the corners are never perfect and the paper is always two inches too short and how are you supposed to handle a roll of tape while you’re holding two edges of paper together! The answer to all of your problems is….Furoshiki! The traditional wrapping cloth the Japenese use to wrap everything from gifts to groceries.  You might not have any Furoshiki’s lying on the floor of your wardrobe but you might have a scarf? Give two presents in one with the ultimate idea in re-usable gift-wrapping and there is not a roll of tape in sight!

What’s the idea: A do-it-yourself gift wrapping method
Who for: This is an idea anyone can do and anyone would love to receive!
Cost: Very little. I always see charity shops and flea markets with overflowing baskets of scarves for both men and women.

You will need:

  • A scarf (I recommend either a bought or hand-made square neckerchief/scarf)
  • Your gift!

Step 1
If you are making your wrapping from a piece of fabric simply cut into a square and neaten the edges, either with a narrow hem, a rolled hem using an overlocker sewing machine, or even pinking scissors to create a zig-zag effect. Lay the neckerchief square wrong side up and place your chosen gift in the centre, diagonally to the square (this gift is a beautiful ethically handmade notebook from Aura Que).

DIY scarf gift wrap











Step 2
Bring one corner up and over the gift, tucking the corner underneath.

DIY scarf gift wrap











Step 3
Bring the other corner up so that it overlaps the top of the gift.

DIY scarf gift wrap











Step 4
Tuck the corner in so that there’s a neat fold along the centre line of the top of the gift.
DIY scarf gift wrap










Step 5

Tie the corners into a neat knot and Voila!

DIY scarf gift wrap











There is no waste involved, the gift looks beautiful and whoever receives it can use the scarf again and again. This year why not trade in the festive wrapping paper and over-the-top bows for the greener option – scarves!

Top tip

  • For a full gift wrapping guide for presents of all shapes and sizes check out this great website
  • Keep an eye out in charity shops and flea markets for the bargain bins full of unwanted scarves

Post your pictures below of your own gift wrapping creations…can’t wait to see your creations!

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