Idea #25: Fruit infused water bottle

For Christmas this year I received some really wonderful pressies, however, this one had me slightly baffled. TIG’s mum always comments on how I’m the hardest person to surprise as I’ve usually seen everything, done everything or bought one already! However, she well and truly got me with this one. This idea is something I had never come across before, I hadn’t seen anyone using one and I hadn’t got a clue what it was!

Aquatiser fruit infused water bottle

It looked like a water bottle, but this certainly was no ordinary water bottle…

Aquatiser fruit infused water bottle

What I soon learnt was that this bottle was actually the latest craze and this seasons must-have accessory. This was a fruit infused water bottle from Aquatiser for £14.99. After watching the pretty cool video below I set to work on my fruit infused creations.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important factors for overall health, I rarely drink anything other than water but it can get really rather boring so, this idea was one I couldn’t wait to try.

All you do is chop up your fruit of choice, put it into the base of the bottle, fill the bottle with water, and then what I like to do is gently shake it a little so that the water is infused more quickly. I started off with just oranges in the base of the bottle, this is the moment I fell in love with the idea. The water is so refreshing and you get the added benefit of all the vitamins and minerals from the fruit. It tastes clean, crisp and cool with a hint of fruit infusion. Aquatiser fruit infused water bottleI have now started getting quite creative with my fruit infused recipes – I am absolutely loving the strawberry infused water at the minute. Aquatiser have a few recipes here to try, next on the list has to be the Revive recipe – Mango, passionfruit, pear and pomegranate. Aquatiser fruit infused water bottle

Even when you’ve had enough to drink you can then eat the fruit, or put them in your smoothie maker and blitz them for a yummy shake.

There are so many different fruit infuser bottles on the market, and the type you should buy really depends on where, when and how you are going to use the bottle.

This Aquatiser bottle has multiple chambers that screw apart and reassemble with ease and they are even dishwasher safe which is a big bonus! TIG’s mum was recommended Aquatiser by a PE teacher, and I love my sport so she thought this would be ideal. However, the Aquatiser bottle is actually made of glass which makes it really quite heavy to carry and run with. The reason they have made it with glass is that it keeps the fruit fresh without an odour, plus the glass helps the water to stay cooler for longer (which it definitely does!).

This bottle now goes everywhere with me, I love it. However, it would be great to see Aquatiser make a lighter, sportier, travel version of this bottle with a pop up spout for ease of use whilst driving and running.Aquatiser fruit infused water bottle

Overall, this is a fabulous concept and a quality product from Aquatiser.  This fruit infused water bottle is certainly going to make me drink more water, get more vitamins and minerals in my diet and really help me reach that 5-a-day fruit target. This really is the tastiest way to drink water.

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