Idea #11: ‘Lost my name’ books

Take a child on a glorious, personalised adventure like no other. A fabulous gift for any child in your family. The books tell the story of a child who has lost his or her name, and who sets off on a marvellous adventure to track down all the missing letters. Along the way the child meets lots of weird, wonderful and wise characters, who all help in the search. Each one has its own funny, surprising and touching story, and each gives the child a letter. The beauty of the book is that every different child’s name creates its own special, personalised tale.

What’s the idea: A great gift for Christmas and birthdays – ‘Lost my name’ books (as seen on Dragon’s Den!)
Who for: This book is for children between 2 and 6
Cost: £18.99, with a free dedication and free delivery. Gift wrap is £2.50
Where can I buy one:

TIG’s review
Three dads and an uncle started this company as a DIY project, their aim was to make the best personalised book in the world…and boy have they done it! They shot to fame on Dragon’s Den after they left with £100,000 in investment for just 4% equity – the highest ever valuation in the history of the show.

The Lost my name book is totally unique to any other personalised book I have seen. It doesn’t simply tell a story with your child’s name in it – your child’s name is the story. At the start of the story a little boy (or girl) wakes up to discover they have lost their name. They go on an adventure, collecting letters as they go, and at the end realise that the letters they have collected spell their name.

These books are so easy to create on the website you simply enter the child’s name, select whether they are a girl or a boy and then click “preview”. You are then presented with a complete preview of your book which allows you to flick through every page and see exactly what you’ll get if you buy.

As each book is custom printed it takes a few days to produce them. However, they are certainly worth the wait, these books are beautiful! They are big – A4 landscape sized, and the print quality and illustrations are just gorgeous. The pages are thick too – this is not a book that’s going to easily get torn in little hands. The story is written as a poem, it might take a few reads to get used to their quirky rhymes like ‘ants’ and ‘plants’ but you will soon get used to their unique style of writing.

Every copy of this book is personalised to your child’s name. The entire flow and narrative of the story changes depending on the name, which is what makes this book so special. If your child’s name is Emily, then she’d meet a forgetful Elephant, a rather vain Mermaid, a cold-averse Inuit, a misunderstood Lion and genial Yeti. Each character donates the first letter of their name, and hey presto! The child’s name is found! If the child’s name is David, he’d meet a not-so-ferocious Dragon, a kind-hearted Aardvark, a rather unorthodox Viking, a cold-averse Inuit, and a disgruntled Hole that throws out letter Ds (among other things)!

Each book’s length is dependent on the number of letters in the child’s name, but they are always a minimum of 24 pages. Don’t worry if your child’s name is ‘Di’ or ‘Si’, they throw in an extra story so you still get 24 pages.

I absolutely adore these books. The story is really well written and kids will absolutely love it. You may think they are on the pricey side but you are getting a truly beautiful personalised large double A4 book, printed on thick, uncoated, environmentally friendly paper. This book is perfect for children between two and six years old. However, it would also make a great gift for a newborn; just like clothes, they’ll grow into it!

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