Idea #5: 80’s themed 30th party

This party idea is for all those people born in the 1980’s! The days when Pac-Man and Space Invaders were the latest must-have computer game (on the Commodore 64 of course!), when florescent pink tracksuits and leg warmers were in fashion and Transformers and My Little Pony were on every kid’s Christmas list. An 80’s themed party is just jam sandwiched-packed full of great food, lots of leg warmers and fluorescent decor. Get creative and give it a go, my ideas might give you a little inspiration to go crazy and all out for 80’s AWESOME!

80's themed party

What’s the idea: An 80’s themed birthday party
Who for:  This idea is for all those born in the 1980’s or if you are having a joint 40th (40+40= 80) that could also be a great excuse for an 80’s themed party!
Cost:  This can be as expensive or as cheap as you like – take your pick from my ideas below…

TIG’s review
Set your mind back to when Michael Jackson was the ultimate king of pop, when mobile phones were bigger than your head and the Rubik’s cube was the evening’s entertainment. I immersed myself back into the 80’s to plan Jamie’s 30th birthday party. Jamie just wanted a low-key affair at home with a group of friends, so here was my master plan…

The decor shopping list:

  • I printed off photos of Jamie through the 30 years and stuck them to fluorescent card, I then purchased fluorescent washing line pegs from Tesco to hang up the photos on a piece of string
  • Fluorescent balloons
  • 80’s banners
  • 80’s hanging decorations
  • Pac-man table clothes
  • Pac-man serviettes
  • Pac-man plates and paper cups

On arrival:

The guests were treated to either an ‘Um Bongo’ or ‘Vimto’ which were both the 80’s must have drink.

The food shopping list:

  • 80’s sweetie hamper that I purchased from Ebay that was packed full of Refreshers, Fizz Wiz, Drumsticks, Bubble Gum and Flumps!
  • For tea we made everything from an 80’s party book..
    For savoury:
    Chessboard sandwiches, jam sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cheese and pineapple on sticks, cheese straws, mini pizzas, mini quiches and space raider crisps!
    For dessert:
    Traffic light biscuits, Angel Delight, marshmallow tarts, Iced Jems, Pac-man buns, a Rubik’s cube cake (handmade by mum), Wagon Wheels, Party Rings, pink wafers and lots of jelly and ice cream!

The entertainment:
For the evening’s entertainment we dusted off the 80’s board games and quizzes. For each of the winners I had wrapped up 80’s themed prizes (in 80’s themed wrapping paper!). The prizes included an 80’s CD, 80’s wig, a Pac-man poncho, leg warmers and a Rubik’s cube. We played:

  • Buckaroo
  • Hungry Hippos (be warned this can get quite competitive!!)
  • Operation
  • Mouse Trap
  • Mr Pop

For the final game I had blown up about 100 fluorescent modelling balloons and the guests had to make a special hat for the birthday boy – I didn’t expect such works of art to be created, but everyone embraced the challenge and it was a fantastic game to end the night on an extreme high.

Any bad points?
When the balloon modelling is in progress it might be best to keep any little babies occupied elsewhere – we had quite a few go bang among all the excitement!!!

Would I do it again?
This was a truly great and very memorable evening and a fantastic time was had by all, but now it has been done within the family we probably wouldn’t do it again. However, I am really happy I set up this site so I can now share this great idea with you.

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