Idea #6: Scrapbook

It is true what they say, pictures paint a thousand words which is why scrapbooks make such a powerful story teller.  Scrapbooks have many different uses, some people scrapbook because they love the craft, others care more about highlighting their family events or some ‘scrapbookers’ focus on preservation and the archival aspect. However, I used my scrapbook to conclude the big reveal for where I was taking Jamie for his 30th birthday. You certainly don’t have to be the an arty type to do a scrapbook (because believe me, I’m not!), you just have to be good at cutting and sticking Blue Peter style!! Here’s one I made earlier…

Dubai sketchbook

What’s the idea: A personalised scrapbook handmade by you
Who for: This is fun to do and fun to receive for all ages
Cost: I used a sketchbook for my scrapbook and this was approx £4 – you can get some great bargains from many high street retailers
Where can I buy one:
 I purchased my A4 sketchbook from The Works

TIG’s review
As you can probably tell by the images below I didn’t have long to create this scrapbook! Even though I had been planning the trip for over a year I just hadn’t got round to the all important reveal. After I had presented Jamie with the Scratch map (Idea #1) which showed the destination for his 30th birthday I handed him his Dubai scrapbook. This included everything from the weather forecast, the hotels we were staying in, potential activities we could do, plus the all important Dubai etiquette. Jamie absolutely loved the scrapbook, it told a story and filled in all the blanks as to what I had in store for him (well, I did keep a few ideas up my sleeve!). When we returned from Dubai is was great to put all the memorabilia and souvenir tickets into the back of the scrapbook. This is the perfect way to treasure the memories and  relive the trip of a lifetime.

Any bad points?
It is great fun to put a scrapbook together however, it can become really rather time consuming!

Top tips

  • Before you start a scrapbook, spend some time planning it. Start by collecting items for your scrapbook, and organising your materials and thoughts so that your finished scrapbooks have the look you want. This guide has quite a few good hints to kick start scrapbooks…
  • If you are printing out lots of images from the internet on your home printer – STOP! It might actually work out cheaper to save all the pictures you want and print them via Photobox or get them done at Boots. These will certainly be better quality too. I think I signed up to Photobox and got my first 30 prints free so it didn’t cost me anything!

Would I do it again?
This is one idea you can do over and over again as each scrapbook is unique to the recipient. Scrapbooks are great fun to put together and just a joy to receive. It makes a great reveal for a surprise holiday so I will certainly be doing another.

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Author: TIG

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