Next stop…Paddington

Today was a very wet and dull day in Scotland, will we get the White Christmas we are hoping for? We opted for an indoor activity today to stay out of the rain; a trip to the cinema in Perth to see Paddington the movie. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a film person and no matter how much of an action thriller the film is, I always end up asleep. However, today was a first – I stayed awake! I’m not sure if this was because TIG’s boyfriend was laughing extremely loudly all the way through the film, but we all loved it. The film has a such a heart warming storyline, the actors are perfectly cast and the TIG family gave the film a resounding 5/5. This would definitely be my top recommendation for this months must see family movie – it was simply brilliant.

Paddington the movie

Next stop today was a visit to Trinity Church in Perth for their Christmas Extravaganza with a special performance from Jahmene Douglas (X Factor runner up). Wow! He can certainly sing, he was unbelievable. He sang 6 very beautiful Christmas songs and I would certainly go and see another performance from Jahmene. I have no idea how he didn’t win (Any idea who won that year?!..I don’t know either!)

Jahmene Douglas

*Wikipedia has just informed me the winner was James Arthur…anyone know what’s he doing now?!

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