Crystal Maze is Back

Yesterday I heard the most amazing, exciting, unbelievable news….Crystal Maze is back!

I think I have watched every episode of the epic 1990’s game show Crystal Maze at least twice and I used to make the TIG family play the board game (very much against their will!) at least once a week until they sold it at a car boot sale without me knowing!!

If you are too young to remember, Crystal Maze was a cult British adventure game show where contestants attempted to complete physical and mental challenges across four themed zones in order to collect crystals, then attempt to win a prize from the Crystal Dome!

This time however, Crystal Maze is coming back with a difference. The organisers are keeping the finer details very much under wraps, however, this illustration teaser  was released yesterday by the very talented illustrator  Dan Evans (@Dan_Draws).

Crystal Maze

The organisers have said ‘The legendary game show is back! But this time we all get to play!’ Instead of the Channel 4 show each week hosted by the flamboyant Richard O’Brien in his large leopard skin fur coats and leather boots the new Crystal Maze is being described as a ‘live and immersive interactive experience’ in the centre of London.

Interested? You can register here. I have already registered and today I received an email saying that the response they have had is astounding! From midnight this Saturday they will be launching their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. This will be our opportunity to help make The Crystal Maze a reality and get our tickets to enter the maze!

What are you waiting for? Get your fluorescent 90’s tracksuits out from the back of your wardrobe and register your interest for the chance to have your experience in the Crystal Dome!

Register your interest here: Crystal Maze Sign Up
Follow updates on Twitter: Crystal Maze HQ

Update 20/06/15: The Crowdfunding is now live! Find out more and the different tickets you can purchase here.

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